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Tuition for Year 7, Year 8 & Year 9

Ark Secondary Programme consists of English, Maths and Science and is designed to support those children who are in Years 7 to 9, the crucial pre-GCSE stage. Class sizes are small, average of five children in a class and children receive sufficient individualised time and attention from the teacher in order to get the help needed with the topics with which they are struggling. One to one tuition can also be arranged upon request in these subjects.

Why Year 9 Maths is Important?

From September 2014 GCSE exams follow a linear format. This means that the Maths GCSE will no longer be made up of modular exams, but will be 100% assessed at the end of the course. The exams are much more rigorous and challenging since the change. Maths at Year 9 is crucial because children are grouped for the following GCSE years as per their Mathematics capability at the end of year 9. Contact us to discuss more and we will be able to help your child get in to the right set of group for their GCSEs.

Preparing for 13+ exams

Ark Secondary programme for Year 8 also provides tuition for 13+ entrance exams. Children can take English, Maths and Science group classes. For the modern languages we can provide one to one support as required.

Science teaches children about life

Our Science programmes for the Year 7,8 and 9 are developed in line with the national curriculum and we aim to enable our children learn science not just for the exams but to question their surroundings. Sceince allows children to find solutions to problems arising from their own needs and experiences in daily life.

Our Secondary Programmes

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Year 7

Year 7 at ark lays a good foundation for the GCSE for children at a gradual but relaxed pace so that at the crucial stages of their education milestones children are confident and ready for the challenges.

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Year 8

Children who improve in their Maths, English and Science at Year 8 have a higher probability to be selected for the higher set at year 10 compared to those who do not.

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Year 9

Most schools group children for GCSE as per the subject performance in year 9. It is important for the children to be grouped at the right level for the GCSEs as it enables them to achieve their full potential.

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Testimonials of our children

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