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Intensive 11 Plus In-Centre or Online Tuition

Ark Intensive 11 Plus In-Centre or Online Tuition is an extension of the Ark Year 5 Online Tuition. Intensive Programme starts from April and runs up to the entrance exams in September for Year 5 children aged 9 and 10 years who will be sitting for the 11 Plus exams. The Intensive programme mainly focuses on practicing past papers and improving confidence and exam techniques. Children will attend for 4 hours a week over two days. We make every effort to allocate slots at the convenience of children and parents.

Ark Intensive 11 Plus Online Tuition is also suitable for children who would need an extra last minute preparation for the entrance exams and the nature of the programme is to mainly focus on revision, building confidence and improving exam techniques

Mathematics Tuition

This course is intended for children who have not completely understood the basic elements of mathematics. It focuses on number, decimals, fractions, percentages and ratios. This is essential learning for the CEM 11+ examinations in Redbridge, Essex and for GL Assessment style 11+ Maths for Kent 11 Plus tests.

There will be a multiple-choice mock examination and follow-up session on the last day of the Essential Maths course.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

This will cover all the techniques required by the examination board. 3D rotation is specifically required by CEM and this will be covered in detail.

There will be a multiple choice mock examination and follow-up session on the last day of the Verbal Activity and Non-verbal Reasoning course.

English Tuition

This is an advanced course and should be considered if children are facing a specific English examination in the 11+. It can also be a useful means of boosting a child's English skills to a much higher level and making a pass score more likely in the CEM tests. Also, this programme further enhances student’s performance.

The course comprises of,

  • Creative writing tasks: Children will write many stories and redraft each one during the course. Children's English improves when they learn to use the language creatively.
  • Extensive test practice and instruction in comprehension skills. This will involve close study of prose and poetry.
  • Components designed to improve the children's grammar, syntax, spelling and vocabulary.
  • Test practice materials designed to reinforce learning.
  • Verbal studies

    Verbal ability comprises: comprehension; cloze activity; synonyms, antonyms and homonyms; and syntax.

    Verbal reasoning comprises: basic logical/processing techniques and additional work on the English components as required by the examination boards

    Our Programmes

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    11 Plus from Year 3

    Helps children prepare for the 11 Plus Exam at a more gradual pace with introduction to VR & NVR.

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    Dolor Prints

    11 Plus from Year 4

    In line with the Maths and English National Curriculum & lays a solid foundation for 11 Plus.

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    Sit Amet Website

    11 Plus from Year 5

    More rigorous and intense preparing children for the entrance exam held at the end of the Year 5.

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    11 Plus Intensive

    11 plus Intensive programme from March to September, focused on revision and exam techniques.

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    Dolor Prints

    11 Plus Summer Boot Camp

    Revise and retain for 11 Plus during the summer break for Year 5s, relaxed approach.

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    Sit Amet Website

    11 Plus Mock Exams

    Two full length papers of 45 minutes each. Adapted to the format of the real examinations.

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    Private School Exams

    Guidance for the preparation for Independent Selective School Entrance Exams.

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    11 Plus Resources

    Some of the free 11 plus resources to help your child to get ready for 11 Plus.

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    Testimonials of our children

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