ARK Reception and Year 1 Programmes

Our Programmes for Reception and Year 1 mainly focuses on Mathematics and English. Classes are held once a week for two hours. The Core Subjects at this stage comprises of Mathematics, English and Science. Within the two hours children learn Mathematics and English with Science incorporated in their lessons. As per the National Curriculum, we are aware that the teachers should use every relevant subject to develop children’s’ mathematical fluency. Confidence in numeracy and other mathematical skills is a precondition of success across the national curriculum and fluency in the English language is an essential foundation for success in all subjects. Therefore greater emphasis is given to continually improve children’s mathematical knowledge and the English Language from this age onwards at ARK Tuition.

Please contact us for more information on class timings and space availability for Reception and Year 1 children.

Reception & year 1 Tuition

Reception and Year 1 Mathematics

ARK Reception and Year 1 Mathematics Programme aims to teach children;

  • Number – number and place value (from 1 to 100)
  • Addition and subtraction at least within 20
  • Solve one-step problems involving multiplication and division
  • Introduction to fractions
  • Measurement
  • Properties of shapes, position and direction
  • We strongly oppose the use of calculators to be used as a substitute for good written and mental arithmetic at this stage. As per the Natinal Curriculum Calculators should only be introduced near the end of key stage 2 to support pupils’ conceptual understanding and exploration of more complex number problems, if written and mental arithmetic are secure.

    Year 3 Maths

    Reception and Year 1 English with Science

    ARK Reception and Year 1 English Programme aims to teach children but not limited to;

  • Word reading through applying phonic knowledge and skills
  • Read accurately and read aloud accurately books as recommended by the National Curriculum
  • Develop pleasure in reading
  • Understand both the books they can already read accurately and fluently and those they listen to
  • Participate in discussion about what is read to them, taking turns and listening to what others say
  • Explain clearly their understanding of what is read to them
  • Spelling
  • Handwriting
  • Write sentences and then discuss what they have written
  • Vocabulary, grammar and punctuation
  • The programme uses Science Text books in reading and understanding tasks where relevant so that children also benefit of getting Science knowldge during their lesson times at ARK Tuition.