ARK Private Candidates-Examinations

For students who are interested in taking exams early or looking to retake the exams, you can register with us as a Private Candidate. However with the new reformed GCSEs students will not be able to take exams early.

Students who require examination entry to subjects or levels which are not currently supported by their school or college, or students who are not at school are able to sit their examinations with us as a private candidate.

We are able to provide guidance to private candidates on a full range of examination services at GCSE, IGCSE and GCE A Level qualifications. We can help register for examinations with AQA, Edexcel, OCR, or WJEC boards with an approved examination centre. In addition we offer guidance on AEA and STEP Mathemetics exams as well as a range of University Entrance Examinations such as BMAT, ELAT, TSA, HAT, MAT, PAT, OLAT and MLAT.

It is essential to ensure that private candidates fully understand the specification requirements and the format of the examinations that they are expecting to take. If in doubt candidates can discuss this with one of the Academic Advisers at Ark Tuition before registering.

GCSE Exam entries for private candidates

We offer exams for private candidates for five different exam boards which are OCR, EDEXCEL, WJEC, AQA AND CIE however we do not offer any course work/controlled assessment and practical exams.

IGCSE Exam entries for private candidates

We offer Edexcel IGCSE examinations only.

MAY / JUNE 2018




Business Studies                  






English Language A - FIRST sitting (graded 9-1)


English Language B - FIRST sitting (graded 9-1)


English as a Second Language


English Literature - FIRST sitting (graded 9-1)


Further Pure Mathematics






Human Biology


Mathematics - FIRST sitting (graded 9-1)                                      




Religious Studies                                                       

A Level exam private candidate

We 0ffer A-Level written exam for the following examination board EDEXCEL, AQA, OCR,WJEC, CIE.

Note: if you have never taken a GCSE / IGCSE / AS / A level examination before (and hence do not have a Statement of Results from a previous examination session), please do not worry - just let our examinations team aware when you come in to register. It is vital that you tell us if you already have a UCI number allocated by another school or college, and provide documentary evidence verifying that UCI number.

When you come in to register for examinations, please bring with you:

  1. Two passport-sized photographs
  2. one of the following forms of identity:
    • Passport
    • Driving licence showing photograph
    • Any other photographic proof of identity
  3. Your most recent examination Statement(s) of Results

Entry Codes: General Qualifications 2017/18

For your reference please find below the exam codes for each of the exam boards:

Guidance for Private Candidates

As a private exam candidate, it is your responsibility to ensure that your entries are filled in correctly. We recommend that you check your statement of entries to ensure that they reflect accurately the exams you want to be entered for.

Make sure you take Calculators, Pens, Pencils etc with you. Please read exam board guidelines for more details. Make sure that the examination that they are sitting matches the one they are entered for.

There will be an cost involve the amendment of the entry.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to arrive for their examination on time. Candidates arriving late for an examination may be allowed to sit the examination at the discretion of the senior invigilator or the examinations officer. Depending on individual circumstances, Late Arrivals may need to be reported to the exam boards and the final decision on acceptance of exam scripts lies with the exam boards.

Make sure that you know the starting date for new specifications and when old specifications cease to be available.

Make sure that the exam you want to take (including practicals and coursework units) is available to private candidates.

Make sure that the exam you want to take is available at the time you want to take it.

To sit for an examination as a private candidate, it is not required to follow a course at our centre. If academic support is required candidate can enroll in a suitable Ark Programme.

Please get in touch discuss further and potential candidates will have a meeting with one our Academic Advisers to understand the requirements.