Independent Schools Entrance Exam Preparation at ARK

We provide guidance for the preparation for Independent Selective School Entrance Exams at 7+, 11+ and 13+ stages. The lessons are delivered specific for the age group and we are aware of the requirements which the child needs to be met for each Independent Selective School Entrance Exams.

Selective Independent Schools concentrate on all or some of the areas as of Grammar Schools or may have additional requirements. A child is prepared as per the requirements of the school they have chosen to apply.Children preparing for Selective Independent schools may benefit from the ARK 11 Plus Programmes from Year 3 onwards however it is essential that parents discuss their intentions for the child so that we can provide the best possible combination of programmes to suit the child. It may be that the best option for the child is to receive private one to one tuition in the subject areas tested. In addition parents need to be aware that certain Selective Independent Schools focus on “the whole child”, rather than just being highly academic which need to be identified before applying.

We can help prepare children for following, but not limited to, Selective Independent Schools Entrance Exams.

Bancroft School

When to register for Bancroft 11 Plus selection test

Friday 1 December 2017

Bancroft School is a private school, where a non- refundable fee of £60 needs to be paid for the entrance exams. However, if candidates are applying for a scholarship or Means Tested Award, please check through the official Bancroft school website for further information.

Date of the 11 Plus test

Saturday 20 January 2018

Date for the 11 Plus interview (only for successful candidates from examination)

January- February 2018

Note that the interview does not require any preparation. Instead, it is expected for candidates to explain how they enjoy spending their time, as well as describing any achievements or interests.

What will I be tested on?

Candidate will be tested for Maths and English (comprehension and writing).


Candidates are required to complete two sections of the paper

Section A: Reading and understanding (45 minutes)

Section B: Writing (5 minutes planning and 15 minutes writing)


Candidates are expected to complete a 75 minutes examination, consisting of two sections.

Section A test candidates for: numeracy, problem solving shape and space.

Section D test for candidates who are willing to excel themselves in Maths. This section should only be completed, unless they have completed Section A. Due to the difficulty of this section, examiners would not expect a significant high score but it is necessary to attempt this section as evidence for being recognised into the scholarship programme. Also, it is recommended for candidates to attempt this section that will provide a better indication of whether candidate has a higher chance of being selected.

Forest School of London

This independent school offers 120 places who are aged 11 before 1 September, for both boys and girls.

Key dates for candidates applying on September 2018

Saturday 23 September 2017 – Open day

Saturday 7 October 2017 – 11+ Information morning

Saturday 25 November 2017 – 11+ Information morning

Friday 1 December 2017 -Application deadline

Forest School of London provide tour for candidates who are taking the 11 plus, between September and December 2017. Families are permitted to attend for the tour as well as candidates. This tour provides an insight of the school life that children will be experiencing in an independent school.

Date of the 11 plus selection test

Saturday 13 January 2018

What will I be tested for the examination?

Maths (1 hour) – Candidates are tested on numerical skills and reasoning

English (1 hour 15 mins) - Candidates are required to complete two sections for this examination:

Section A assesses for reading and comprehension

Section B assesses for writing

It is recommended that candidates are spend 10 minutes to read a short passage and 35 minutes to answer questions about the passage.

In section A, candidates should demonstrate that they have clearly understand the text in the passage and comprehend multiple layers of meaning mentioned on it.

It is recommended that candidates are to spend 30 minutes in Section B, where they can answer question from the choice of 2 questions.

In section B, examiners are looking for candidates to have clear and accurate writing skills. Candidates are also expected to express their imagination through using varied vocabulary.

Scholarship offers

Forest School is a private school, requiring for students to pay termly. However, the independent school offers scholarship places for 14 places, following from the successes of scoring good marks for the 11+ plus examination in January. The number of places allocated includes both scholarship and bursary awards:

- Academic scholarships

- Music scholarship

- Sport scholarships

Key dates for being selected onto the scholarship programme

15 January 2018 – Music scholarship auditions

22 January 2018 – Academic scholarship interviews

22 January 2018 – Sports scholarship assessments

8 February 2018 – Fee-paying interviews

Chigwell School


It is highly recommended that registration forms for Chigwell School to be completed by the end of October because of details for entrance exams, interviews and specimen papers are planned during this time.

However, official deadline for registering Chigwell School is on 1st December 12.00pm (latest).

Interview dates

Interviews will be held from 9th October – 13th November 2017. There will be some interview dated on 4th and 5th January and 8th January 2018. For these interview dates, it will be placed on limited availability of time.

There will be two stages during the interview process. The first stage will be for parents, who would have the opportunity to talk to members of school staff about the school and the other, will be candidates. Candidates will be interviewed separately. This process will take about 30 minutes.

Date of examination

6th January 2018

What will I be tested?

Candidates will be tested on their English and Maths skills.

Specimen papers will be sent to candidates by the end of October 2017.

Scholarship offers

For candidates who achieves well in the exam, they will be offered for a Scholarship interview and assessment either on 31st January 20188 or 1st February 2018.

Candidates who are to take part in Arts and Science activities in small groups, will also have interviews in English, Maths and general interview with senior members of staff.

Music Scholarship auditions will be held on 15th and 16th January 2018.